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St. Sylvester School has a rigorous high school preparatory curriculum that is cohesive across grade levels. We are proud that each year, our graduates are accepted into top area high schools and return to tell us how well-prepared they were for high school. Take a closer look at our curriculum and programs.

Early Childhood

St. Sylvester School’s Early Childhood department is the foundation for advanced development in our students. Our sophisticated and technology integrated curriculum sets us apart from the rest. State-of-the-art technology lab, music appreciation/ instrumental program, physical education and foreign language are some of the courses your child will take while a student at St. Sylvester School.


We believe students learn best when they are known and loved. Therefore, our academic program  is built on creating a positive, structured environment where teachers hold students to high expectations and work to understand students as individual learners. Teachers then work with the students to continuously push students to learn and grow. Students in Grades 1-5 are receiving a strong foundation in reading, math, science and social studies. We use I-Ready testing to learn the strengths and challenges that each student has and then shape their learning experience based on the results. 

Jr. High

Students in Grades 6-8 are considered Jr. High and switch classes for their core subject areas of reading, math, science and social studies. The goal is to prepare students for their high school experience by providing a solid foundation. We are proud that our 8th graders consistently are accepted into top area high schools.

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