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Choose a School that Makes Your Child Smile...

Happy students = Successful Scholars. Students are the heart of our mission and we work with the individual strengths and talents of each child to ensure their success. Want your child to smile each day when they leave for school? St. Sylvester will make that happen!


...and SUCCEED!

Take a look at where our 8th graders typically go after they graduate...

Lane Tech

St. Ignatius College Prep

Josephinum Academy 

DePaul College Prep

Josephinum of the Sacred Heart


Holy Trinity

Rauner College Prep


Notre Dame

St.Patrick’s Highschool


Going above and beyond for our students is just the beginning. We provide an excellent curriculum that focuses on academics as well as social emotional learning, faith, social justice and enrichment programs to develop each child's unique skills. Our talented and dedicated staff show up each day ready to educate your child and provide a solid academic foundation for the educational journey. We instill a love of learning in each student.

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