St. Sylvester School’s Early Childhood department is the foundation for advanced development in our students. Our sophisticated and technology integrated curriculum sets us apart from the rest. State-of-the-art technology lab, music appreciation/ instrumental program, physical education and foreign language are some of the courses your child will take while a student at St. Sylvester School.







  • PK 3—Age 3 by September 1st
  • PK 4—Age 4 by September 1st
  • Kindergarten—Age 5 by September 1st
  • All children must be fully potty trained

“Great school. Very friendly, family oriented. My son has come home almost every day with new knowledge. I am updated on what my son is learning in class and the expectations for the coming week. I love the fact that even though my son is in Pre-K, he has technology class (computer class), Spanish, music, and gym as separate lessons with other instructors outside of his classroom’s regular teachings. I am impressed.”


Preschool focuses on the development of age-appropriate social skills including independence, cooperation, problem-solving, and responsibility.

  • In the classroom, we use a combination of large and small group activities, to aid in the development of these social skills as well as academic skills.
  • Students use a variety of age-appropriate and hands-on materials to help them develop and further strengthen skills in math, language, science, and social studies.
  • We are preparing our students with the foundations in these critical skill areas to successfully transition to Kindergarten next year.
  • We supplement our curriculum with learning opportunities outside the classroom through educational field trips throughout the school year.


"My son started pre-K there this year he loves it – very experienced and caring teachers, great after school program (soccer weekly, lots of run around time with the other younger kids). He is excited every morning. I’ve found the school size to be small and very attentive – there is a genuine love for the kids and community here. Very glad we enrolled….St Sylvester has been an excellent choice for my son. ”

– St. Sylvester Parent



Kindergarten focuses on building social skills and strengthening independence in the classroom.

  • Students work on sight words and completing a variety of literacy activities to increase reading fluency.
  • Students review and improve addition skills and begin learning to subtract using pictures, number lines, and word problems.
  • Students also develop their writing skills and learn to express opinions, share information, and tell stories using detail.
  • We supplement our curriculum with learning opportunities outside the classroom through educational field trips throughout the school year



According to a, for babies and toddlers, the average cost of full-time daycare at a center is $972 a month.

Home daycares cost an average of $646 a month for babies and around $600 for the over-two crowd. (

St. Sylvester offers families the opportunity to apply for needs-based financial assistance to assist with the cost of tuition.


Enrolling at St. Sylvester is easy!

The best way to get to know us is to tour the school. See us in action and witness the energy and passion of our staff, students, and school families; you too will recognize the wonderful impact that St. Sylvester School could have on the life of your child.


Please contact the school office to schedule a tour or to learn more about our school. We would love to hear from you. Email us at or call our school office at 773-772-5222.