It is our avowed goal to stay open and in session each scheduled school day because we know how difficult it can be for families to find emergency childcare. In cases where we must close due to weather or some other emergency, there is a protocol in place.

No matter the cause if we need to close the school for a day we aim to send notifications as soon as possible.

Here are some general reminders on the best ways of being notified of any school closings:

  1. Email notifications sent through our school email blast; if you are signed up for the Tuesday letter emails than you will receive these blasts also.

  2. Proactively, you can go to www. and sign up to receive immediate email notifications. When our status changes, automatic emails should be sent out to all families who signed up for this service. This website lists the status of all area schools.

  3. You can go to www. and enter the school name and a status update will be displayed.

  4. Lastly, any announced closings will be broadcast on the radio at 780 AM and all other news-focused radio stations and on their websites.


Calling the school in the morning to check on the status is not one of the strategies listed above nor is it recommended. If closed, no one will be here to answer the call and if open. everyone calling would flood the phone lines and most calls will not be answered.

Please recall that our intent is to be open every regularly scheduled school day. We know that sometimes conditions might prohibit someone from attending school or that some families may choose keep a child at home when roads are icy or temperatures are very low. However, our philosophy is that it is better to remain open as a school when possible because on a very practical level we know that it is quite difficult fir many people to make last minute adjustments if a school is closed for a day.