"My daughter has been at St Sylvester since the tender age of 3 years old, and now she is in 7th grade. I love that it’s a family orientated school with wonderful and great teachers and staff. The principal's main priorities are the kids, and she is an amazing person. Go Sonics!"

- St. Sylvester Parent


Allyn Doyle

Mrs. Allyn Wright 


Email: wright@ stsylvesterschool.org 

E-Learning Portal 

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Mrs. Margaret Nieto 

Assistant Principal

Email: nieto@stsylvesterschool.org 


Ms. Vanessa Vazquez 

Office Manager

Email: v.vazquez@stsylvesterschool.org 

Early Childhood Department


Mrs. LaMontagne 

PreK Teacher

Email: Lamontagne@stsylvesterschool.org 

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Ms. Ronnie 

PreK Teacher's Aid

Email: Ronnie@stsylvesterschool.org 

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Mrs. Omiliak

PreK Teacher

Email: Omiliak@stsylvesterschool.org 

E-Learning Portal 

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Ms. Leamsi

PreK Teacher's Aid

Email: Leamsi@stsylvesterschool.org 


Mrs. Mariscal

Kindergarten Teacher

Email: Mariscal@stsylvesterschool.org 

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Mrs. I

Kindergarten Teacher's Aid

Email: Irizarry@stsylvesterschool.org 

Primary Department

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Mrs. Guzman

1st Grade Teacher

Email: Guzman@stsylvesterschool.org 

Romero_Mrs.  Jessica32.JPG

Mrs. Jessica

Teacher's Assistant

Email: Romero@stsylvesterschool.org 

Frost_Ms. Sharyn11.JPG

Ms. Frost

2nd Grade Teacher

Email: Frost@stsylvesterschool.org 

E-Learning Portal 

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Ms. Claudio

3rd Grade Teacher

Email: Claudio@stsylvesterschool.org 

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Ms. McGillis

4th Teacher

Email: Mcgillis@stsylvesterschool.org 

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Mrs. Vargas

Teacher's Assistant

Email: Vargas@stsylvesterschool.org 

Middle School Department

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Mr. Buchan

5th Grade Homeroom Teacher

ELA Teacher

Email: Buchan@stsylvesterschool.org 

Garber_Mrs.  Christine12.JPG

Mrs. Garber

6th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Social Studies Teacher

Email: Garber@stsylvesterschool.org 

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Ms. Bockholt

7th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Science Teacher

Email: Bockholt@stsylvesterschool.org 

Ms. Jones

8th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Math Teacher

Email: Jones@stsylvesterschool.org 


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Coach K

Strength & Conditioning Teacher

Email: CoachK@stsylvesterschool.org 


Sr. Stephanie

Religion Teacher

Email: stephanie@stsylvesterschool.org 

Ekeberg_Mr.  Gregory9.JPG

Mr. E

Computer Teacher

Email: gekeberg@stsylvesterschool.org 

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Ms. Fox

Music Teacher

Email: Fox@stsylvesterschool.org