St. Sylvester School graduation

Recent graduates have gone on to impressive high schools and earned many distinct honors and scholarships. High schools and programs include: Northside College Prep, St. Ignatius, Walter Payton, Whitney Young, The Willows Academy, DePaul’s AP program, Lane Tech, Notre Dame, St. Patrick, Holy Trinity, Josephinum, and many more. Miguel Aviles (2008), Ariana Rivera (2011), Kevin Alantara (2015), David Antunez (2016) and Andrew Gutierrez (2016) were selected as Daniel Murphy Scholars, one of the most selective high school scholarships in the country. Sydney Rainey (2010) and Noel Lewin (2011) were named LINK scholars, one of Chicago’s most prestigious. In fact, we have worked to get high school scholarships or aid for over 75% of recent graduates.


 We seek to uphold a standard of excellence at all grade levels and in all subject areas.

~ Named in 2011, 2014, and 2016 as one of 4 schools in Chicago with highest student increases in Terra Nova scores

~ Continual professional development and over 70% of teachers with Masters degrees

~ Constant communication via weekly reports, classroom newsletters, blogs, and letters from main office

~ Advanced and extensive classroom technology, iPad lab, and other instructional resources

~ Proactive high school preparation services

~ Students accepted into top Chicago high schools like Northside College Prep, St. Ignatius, etc.

~ Successful early childhood program with Illinois’ Preschool for All accreditation and support

~ Successful participation in city, state, and national contests – essays, posters, projects, etc.

~ Spanish classes as part of standard weekly curriculum for all grades

~ A state of the art technology lab with multiple technology classes every week

~ Music Appreciation/Instrumental Program every week; weekly physical education classes

~ Multiple field trips throughout the Chicagoland area focusing on its great cultural and academic resources