Admission Requirements 

There are certain age and class size restrictions which could at times limit the school’s ability to accept a student. Per state regulations, for students entering PK and Kindergarten, the following requirements must be met:

• PK 3—Age 3 by September 1st
• PK 4—Age 4 by September 1st
• Kindergarten—Age 5 by September 1st
• All children must be fully potty trained

The following documents are needed for registration:
• A completed registration form and fee
• An original birth certificate is shown to the school office (a copy is made for the child’s school folder)
• Copies of health and immunization records
• A copy of the dental examination (new students and those entering Kindergarten, 2nd, and 6th grade)
• A copy of the most recent vision exam (for new students, excluding Preschool)
• A copy of the Baptismal certificate and other sacraments (if applicable)
• A record of completed past tuition/other payments (if applicable)
• Transfer forms (if applicable)
• Records from previous school

If a space is not available for all who wish to enroll in St. Sylvester School, a waiting list will be established. Priority will be given to families who already have children attending St. Sylvester School, members of St. Sylvester parish, or those who are transferring from other Catholic schools. To secure a space for the opening of the school year, the registration form must be completed and returned with the registration fee. This payment is non-refundable as it helps the school to plan for the hiring of personnel and setting up classrooms for the numbers of students who are expected to attend school in the fall.

Transfer Students

Transferring In
All incoming students should be screened before acceptance. If applicable, the former school will be called and questions regarding attendance, academics, discipline, parental cooperation, parental involvement, special needs, finances, etc. will be asked. This will be the responsibility of the principal and possibly extended out to the child’s prospective teacher(s). Registration will not be considered complete until this process has been followed through. Those students who show promise of making the needed adjustment to follow the rules and policies of St. Sylvester School will be admitted.

The first 4-5 weeks of a new student’s time at St. Sylvester will be technically a probationary enrollment. Successful completion of the obligations and expectations outlined in the New Student Contract will indicate a successful transfer and the transition from probationary to standard enrollment.

St. Sylvester School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex and/or national origin.